BIRGIT DALUM shows paintings and graphics never exhibited before from September 5. until September 29. The venue is the Culture-house situated at the Townhall in Vallensbæk Vallensbæk Kultur- og Borgerhus. Vallensbæk Stationstorv 40, 2665, Vallensbæk Strand

The show can be visited all day long for free.

Private view Saturday 9/5 from 11 to 12:30.

Due to serious IT-problems the infomation couldnot come out until today.

If you want to meet me at the show, please contct me on 28116629 for the possibility to arrange a meeting

The week-end 22. 23. and 24. September I visited GIBCA in Gotenburg Sweden and several other interesting places.

Together with artist-colleges from BKF I entered a bus friday morning 9:00 hours and hit North. 

Wanås Art Sculpture park

Modern Architecture

in Gothenburg

Gothenburg Arthall

Michelle Dizon

Röda Sten Arthall

Impressing building


interview with Ulla Ryum

Nordic Watercolour Museum

Nancy Spero

Surroundings with Studio-


Work in progres

Now I concentrate on a coming exhibiton.

In my mind I am incorporating a beautyful trunk