Artists' Books

The Museum of Innocence, 47x130x2 cm

Handmade paper, pigments, photo


My Contribution was three books:

The Museum of Innocence

A Beauty Locked Up

The Double Tree

Metropol II

A CNG Artists' Books exhibition in Atelier Birgit Dalum.

A Beauty Locked Up, cover                                                          A Beauty Locked Up, Opening

The Double Tree ,23 x 22 x 0,5 cm,

Handmade paper, collage, dry point



A CNG Artists' Books exhibition in Atelier Birgit Dalum

My Contribution was three books:

Blue is the Color of Your Eyes.

Textile Inspiration

Cell in Progress

My work is a Hommage à Louise Bourgeois, French /American Sculptor; made for an exhibition with paraphrases over world famous female artists.

The title is taken from a graphic work of Louise Bourgeois, which is a humoristic comment on men’s interest in women’s eyes

What an interesting challenge to dive into Louise Bourgeois’s artistic universe. A fascinating world of metaphors: Best known The Spider as the Mother figure, which always spins and makes embroidery, both warm and protecting, as well as terrifying possessive. Her view on the relationship between man and woman is often humoristic, alternating between seeing the woman as a manipulated victim and the one with the most resources.

I find, that an Artist’s Book, as an artwork in its own right, should offer a tactile as well as a visual experience. It is also important, that the cover in one way or another reflects, what is revealed, you open the book.

For these purposes I use a lot of different materials and techniques.

Blue is the Color of Your Eyes, 14,5 x 30 x 2 cm, Hahnemühle paper, suède, sandpaper, cotton, plastic

Techniques: Etching, blødgrund, embossing, Chine colle, silkscreen, aquarel, drawing, assemblage

  Endpaper front

Textile Inspiration 28 x 58 x4 cm

Materials: Foam board, synthetic fibre, Hahnemuhle 300g,  cotton, silk, stockings

Techniques: Dry point, embossing, aquarelle, assemblages




What is the connection?

Obviously it is the compressed form!

The town cannot find more space to expand.  You try to adapt to smaller spaces, and to economize everything.

Just as the book-form forces the artwork in to the world of a smaller object, which asks for  extra care to explore, the streets of Venice turn in to a labyrinth of narrow alleys, which demands a lot of attention to find your way

Simply by the fact that you normally hold a book in the hands, it stimulates the intimacy.

You touch it, you sense it in another way than with the eyes. If you want to explore the book, you have to turn over the pages, and you feel the smoothness and roughness, the lightness and the heaviness; you can hear any rustling or stillness, and you can smell the materials.

Compare it with walking in the streets of  Venice.. The houses stand close to each other, and you feel the knotty pavement through your feet.



BABE 2019

Bristol Artist Book Exhibition


Scout in the Ocean

Birgit's Basilica

Drawings, watercolour and photo