I am curious about graphics. The many different techniques open up for so many nuances in expression, and a wide range applications are available.

Besides making images to hang on the wall, I use my prints for making Artists' Books; I find a true symbosis in the process of printmaking with the purpose to be part of a certain book. It can be in a handmade one-of-a-kind book, or it can provide a basis for a printed book. (Nedslag)

One of my favourite techniques is planprint on fibrefilt. The photo above is a detaile from Harvest Timeless I, part of a series of five large scale images arising from Per Nørgård's music:

Stringquartet no 10

I use planprint with big iron or copper plates in combination with different acids. I add any kind of light solutions of pigments and follow up with ink-drawing. .


Harvest Timeless IV 200 x 100 cm, 2012



Forces 330 x 100 cm, 2012

A Glimse of Movement , all images 500 x 100 cm 2015



During the summer 2016 I made an approach to illustrate 13 pieces of text writtenb by the poet Per Lund. Through many, many 3 color prints from cardboard plates, we ended up with a selection of 13 images to illustrate the book called Nedslag. The title means to dive shortly into a certain moment, like a flash or stroke of lightning. 6 examples below.


Open Face


Soap Bubble

Animal Intelligence

Clock work

The Night Academy

The Quiet Ocean of Thoughts. My very first graphics were a series of dry point on cupper plates.

The prints are a combination of 3 different plates in a variation of dry point, aquatint, stencil and soft ground etching.


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